Intro to Pt1: Games


"Take time to examine a cross section of video games and you'll encounter grand life simulations, blistering fictive racing experiments, ultradetailed management tools, savage retina-roasting fractal spectra, pet dogs, Escher physics, digital cooking competitions, boundless horror, and impossible geographies… video games still represent a fascinating, ostentatious landscape of experiences that were not previously available to us.”

-Jim Rossignol, This Gaming Life


(1/15/14) Sort of making up the web layout as I go along. I'm thinking these chapter pages will eventually link into a Table of Contents elsewhere on the blog, which I will make when I'm not frantically wrapping this last edit, so that I can frantically typeset, and so on while of course drinking champagne.

Now pardon me while I post this and play with its editing for awhile.

(2/13/14) Yay! The book has been available as a kindle for a little while, but now the paperback is on Amazon as well. Scroll down in the LOOK INSIDE to see the red devil on the back cover. =P

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