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"Games as a form of media is incredibly young.  The amount of unexplored territory is staggering.  It’s damn exciting to see developers pushing and poking the jello and seeing what jiggles."

-Brendon Chung, Blendo Games


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(1/29/14) Got the kindle and print books to not look terrible. Right now I'm waiting on a physical proof of my ridiculous near-400 page tome. I'm almost expecting some kind of hefty blunt weapon, at that weight.

I've set the prices as low as standard kindle pricing will let me, and as low as I can on the print book without actually losing money when it goes through certain distribution channels. There was also a neat feature that let print-buyers get a copy of the ebook for free, so I checked that. And also a DRM-free option, so I checked that too.

Oh, also, a few things changed in the very last moments of print/ebook organization. In Play's foreword was renamed to an introduction, which was then further named, "A Pickle." Seemed a hasty last-minute name choice, but it kept making me grin, so I never got around to consigning it to oblivion.

And on that note, one of In Play's many dead darlings is probably going to get posted today, thanks to Leigh Alexander's Breathing Machine, which I read in one of those sleepless manic fits you get after 18 hours of typesetting. More on that soon.

(1/30/14) So I didn't end up posting the story, though I did review the book. 

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