200-foot-tall Death Monkey

The last thing I’d do in Galaxies, the night before this gazebo escapade, was to join Phobius at the Coronet spaceport to help him test some lance empowered by “Mind Fire.” I’d merrily gone to duel, to show him just how powerless he’d be against a Jedi-hunting, Dathomir-spelunking doctor-slash-ninja. But with three hits, he’d incapacitated me. So wild was the mind fire that he, a Master Combat Medic, could not heal faster than it permanently damaged my tender aquatic brain.

In fact, when I logged in for the last time – just before getting on a plane to grad school – the mind fire was still going. By conservative estimates, it’d be 28,678 Earth years before my fish could fully recover.

Magni had been next in line for a duel. Phobius presented the lance. Magni took out a 200-foot-tall death monkey. As with my fish, three hits and Magni was down. The monkey? The monkey was unstoppable. Magni claimed that, incapacitated as he was, he could not recall the fearsome creature. It savaged Phobius – who at first grew nervous about his ability to keep himself alive – then died. Then the monkey sent Phobius to the cloners. Completely outside of Magni's control, of course.


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