Switching from Wordpress to Blogger


I've been meaning to move my personal blog to blogger for a few months now. There are a few issues I've had with hosting my own wordpress - keeping my widgets up-to-date, losing data and other technical frustrations. So far things seem somewhat less rich with blogger, but much more straightforward.

Since submitting the manuscript to my publisher this month, there's been a chilling absence of writing in my life. Sure, the manuscript still needs constant care and feeding. I've looked over a couple of things and written up some marketing copy. Lately I've entertained the wild notion of churning out a goofy novel for November - NaNoWriMo.

Things are falling into place work-wise. It looks like I'll be lecturing here in the Northwest come Spring. I'll post some more details on that once all of the paperwork and whatnot is fleshed out.

Here I am, soaking in a grey day in Gig Harbor, Washington:

Here's a picture of the harbor: