This is shaping up to be a very nice morning

Birds are chirping, laundry is finally bopping around in the machine, I’m drinking coffee from someone else’s cupboard, and this morning there’ll be a parade. Sounds like the start of any good SyFy natural disaster movie.

For awhile now I’ve been looking forward to today, and these next few weeks, where I’ll sit in an old familiar house, with its old familiar dog, and hopefully write some things.

It was a surprise to hear (late in the evening yesterday) that one of my first duties sitting this beautiful house would be to play host to a few dozen paradegogers, most notably the local Library Book Cart Drill Team. This is a real thing. One or two dozen librarians, from many different county libraries, shall make the trip into town. Here they will uniform up, claim their squeaky and authentic library book carts, and then roll, twirl, and swoosh them through the parade with practiced synchronicity.

The drill team leader has a whistle.

This is my very favorite dog. I’d like to claim myself as his very favorite human, but lament that his love can be bought with any small amount of bread and/or popcorn.

And yes, there are Christmas lights on the palmish tree behind me. They have not come down in the past five years.