LOGIN 2010 Addiction Talk

Amid the heaviest crunch of finals week, only slightly before losing electricity and internet, which occurred only slightly before being prepared to submit the grades online, which was of course far, far before the deadline for submitting the grades online, I learned I'd be speaking on addiction at the 2010 LOGIN conference. There were, functionally, three days to prepare. Maybe four. I gave the talk yesterday, at nine in the morning, after an hour or two of sleep.

This morning I slept in.

The transcript of the talk is here: Game Addiction: For Fun and Profit. For some odd reason, my submission to change the session name from its (widely riffed on) earlier iteration did not catch. Students who took this most recent Ethics course, or those who've otherwise seen the Neil Gaiman MIT Julius Schwartz Lecture (which is wonderful) may note that I blithely steal one of Gaiman's neat speaking techniques.

Some parts of the transcript are in outline form, and I did break from script in numerous places. As noted, the 30-second session description was delivered in the style of the late Mitch Hedberg, to a ballroom packed with games business execs.

Video recordings were made of the session yesterday. I'll link those here as soon as I see them.