Sasquatch the Rock Notch

So, basically, my once-facebook-husband Sasquatch looks eerily like MineCraft creator / Mojang founder Markus 'Notch' Persson. Except with better hats. And corrective lenses.

Picture relevant.

Sasquatch the Rock Notch

LinkAnd that's all I've got, for now.


Social Media FTW!

Oh. Right. I have a blog, apparently.

I'm back to teaching Media Ethics at DigiPen. After four years of experimenting with some admittedly questionable methods, it's nice to finally have an idea of what that class ought to look like.

Last night, some DigiPen students and staff set up a few cameras for an after-hours Design Club. It was a lot of boisterous young nerds pointing at Mass Effect multiplayer interfaces, snickering, and then making grand, sweeping statements about the future of game design. Or, at least, the future of Mass Effect multiplayer design. Extra Credits writer James Portnow presided, and made it into a pretty enjoyable scene.

Just in case you lack incriminating photographs of yours truly, here's one that my once-Facebook-husband Jared took last year, at a WalMart in the tri-cities:

I've escaped Facebook, for the time being. Twitter is a nice semi-ironic replacement, though I'm never quite sure whether the role of ethics lecturer should be mutually exclusive to the retweeting of wang jokes.

Yesterday, my grandma celebrated her 96th. Go grandma.