We Dub Thee, “Asskicker”

This last week was a good one. I threw and attended some great parties, watched a lot of horror flicks, and did some writing that’s got me fairly-well jazzed. The highlight was probably Christmas eve, where Grandma and I watched Bing Crosby romance some dames.

The simultaneously very neat, and very not neat thing about writing as a pseudo-profession, is that it never quite feels like I’m allowed to talk about the Bigger and Cooler Stuff.

So here instead is the shot glass that my sister and I hath dubbed, “Asskicker.” She’s a well-known glass-blower and ceramist here in Seattle. And before you, in all of its pixilated glory, is Asskicker: an utterly unique, and utterly ass-kicking drinking vessel.

Yeah, baby.

Nailed that detail.

Oh yes I did.