I just picked up my editor's proofs, for Game Addiction, Thursday night. I was frankly a little worried. I've never gone through an editor's comments for a book, and I'd heard horror stories. Reading these proofs was a pleasant, pleasant surprise. The edited copy flows, matching my style extremely well.

More than that, I was worried that my writing, especially when critiquing the ideas of other researchers, could have come off as overly acerbic. I can be a dick sometimes. And its bad, because in a venue where neutrality and respect of ideas is prized, I can be most critical of videogame research that doesn't make sense. See [example] of terrible ideas that [influence millions]. My editor did an amazing job of smoothing me out. It was something that took me by surprise; it was humbling to see the typesetting and overall texture of the book. Having it there in front of me.

While the editor also took out small bits of my wacky flair, the important pieces stayed. As did the important jokes, interviews, points and criticisms.


Also, from what I hear from the publisher, this means that an actual publish date is not too far away.


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