24-Hour Comic Day, Live MST3K

This last Saturday was 24-hour comic day. It's a neat sort of event where local cartoonists pile into comic shops, trying to compile a full comic over the course of a full day. Below a few members from the Cartoonist's League of Absurd Washingtonians (or CLAW) prepare for battle.

But they weren't the only stalwart artists there. The claw picture and the next are via John Munn, who owns Comic Book Ink (the setting for the thing.)

While there, my pal Al introduced me to Keith Badgley, an artist who attended but didn't want to compete. Instead, he generously gave of his time and talents to draw up some of the D&D characters from a campaign I'm in. Here's his interpretations of Sandy McShamus, my drunkard cleric/ex-paladin. As you can see, Keith expertly captured Sandy's neverending cask of ale, stylized plate armor and battle mullet. To those who have ever wondered, this is what 18 charisma gets you.

Alex was also kind enough to get me a ticket to the re-showing of the MST3K live riffing of Plan 9, Thursday. The satellite got chunky, then cut out almost completely, just as the show was starting. The following resetting of the satellite, with musical accompaniment by some of the most fabulously terrible elevator/porno jazz artists, left we the crowd between 30 and 50 minutes of amateur riffing. Some of it was ok. Some of it was facepalm. All of it was wondrous.

Oh, and I'm also prepping for two Spring courses at DigiPen, while working on an article for the Escapist.

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